ROYAL TO ACTIVIST! Prince Manvendra the warrior fighting HIV/AIDS in India


Prince Manvendra is taking on 2018 with the mission to establish the first of its kind.

Implement a 26 state solution by providing each state of India with at least 1 LGBTQ HIV/AIDS Healthcare and Community Center, launching and emphasizing the LGB in; India’s LGBTQ HIV/AIDS Healthcare and Community Center MOVEMENT.

The royal establishment of Hanumanteshwar is going to be the first of its kind as one of the first centers.

This MOVEMENT aims to bridge the international LGBTQ community with India’s only openly gay prince’s fight to educate and prevent HIV/AIDS from taking more unnecessary lives.

By doing so the LGBTQ community will no longer live in the shadows where the stigma of this disease along with their sexual orientation means death or being ostracized, persecuted and shunned.

We would like our cause to be a global partner with others and accelerate the progress of investments in establishing the LGBTQ HIV/AIDS Healthcare & Community Centers for India, setting a global example for efficiency, and operational cost management,  which in turn improves the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, changing the landscape in a positive view for the LGBTQ community in India simultaneously combating this disease and the stigma of sexual orientation the LGB of LGBTQ are subjected to.

Our objectives for each center:

  • Access to quality healthcare and education
  • Improving processes; diagnosis and expanding treatment coverage to the
  • LGB of the LGBTQ community in India who are otherwise left invisible.
  • Developing long-acting prevention measures
  • Improving treatment retention
  • Developing safe sex educational seminars
  • Expanding the use of existing preventive measures
  • Creating a community for “preparing for life;”a place of learning for computer skills, languages, and training programs to promote personal empowerment, which will give rise to economic empowerment.

Through operational centers dedicated to the LGBTQ communities, they will feel safe and openly visit the centers and seek assistance and education.

My present focus is bringing those out of the dark in the LGB of the LGBTQ community in India into the light so that we can aggressively attack our rising HIV/AIDS epidemic.

This MOVEMENT is not about numbers, rather it’s about the love and care of humanity, IT’S PERSONAL!